Sri Lanka’s official Ancient written history begins with Vijay arriving in the Island. However there are many archeological evidence traditions and folklore that the legend of King Ravana and Rama battle is true. There are pilgrims from around the world come to Sri Lanka in search of the places related to the legend.

At the time Ravana rules, Sri Lanka was very much developed with technology to have soft wood air craft’s. One can still find evidence connecting the village folklore and traces of Airports and Aircraft repair centers of King Ravana in Wariapola, Thotupola Kanda close to Horton Plains (Nuwara Eliya), and Ravana Gala Laxapana. There are many places around the island which are connected to the incidents of Ravana’s life such as Ruhumasala Kanda in Galle, Sigiriya and Sita Kotuwa in Dambulla, Hakgala and Seeta Amman Kovil in Nuwara Eliya and many more numerous places.

The Historians with the aid of ancient scriptures define the events of Ravana’s life and the great war to be taken place around in B.C 5000., the interesting fact is that , at this time Sri Lanka has had advanced technology at that era.