There are a number of rock faces that are scattered across the island, some of which are already explored and some of which have remained as yet unconquered. Relatively new activity to the country… But that situation offers you many opportunities to be part of new discoveries. Sri Lanka with unique geographic traits has many Rocks and mountains to be explored.

Bambarakanda situated close to Belihul Oya is one of Sri Lanka’s most developed rock climbing locations and is 263m tall. From it, you will be able to see charming views of the hill country and pine forests. The other places that are popular among rock climbers are Knuckles mountain range, the Elle adventure park, Habarana Sigeriya, Polannaruwa, Hortain plains and Buttala. Bambarakanda, situated close to Belihul Oya is one of the main sites encouraged for enthusiastic beginners to climb.