With its extensive coast-line, Sri Lanka is an excellent place to cast your line and participate in the exciting sport of deep sea fishing. Sri Lanka is much admired for its multitude of sub-aquatic life. Its unspoiled sea and fishing zones hold an abundance of game fish for the keen angler. You can choose to fish from the beach itself or go further out to sea in an in-built or out-board fiber-glass motor boat and try troll fishing.

Experience the risk, thrill and mixed emotions by joining in a deep sea water fishing expedition. Close to the Coast you’ll find Grouper, Snapper Emperor, Bonefish; bit further out Indian Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Seer fish, King fish, Barracuda, Baramundi, Jack fish, Trevally, Tuna and far out Sailfish, Swordfish, Marlin and Shark

During trolling you often can see schools of dolphins accompanying the boat.This would involve traveling into the deep sea in a boat and participating in traditional fishing. Deep sea fishing in Sri Lanka is also seasonal. With the western and southern coasts accessible from November to April and the east coast more suitable for the activity from May to September