Sri Lanka has been very attractive for invaders from ancient times and Europeans were not exceptional, Sri Lana was one of the favorite places in the Indian Ocean for European settlers. It was the Portuguese settlers first to arrive in Sri Lanka, Fransisco De Almeida arrived in Sri Lanka in 1505; Portuguese founded Colombo as a port city in 1517 and gradually extended their control over the coastal area.

The Dutch came into offer a helping hand to the Kandiyan King in order to retrieve the country , the Dutch took over the coastal towns of Sri Lanka promising to protect from invaders, later they tok control over the whole island except for the Kandiyan Kingdom (Kandy and Highlands). Along with the political changes in Europe British took over the colony of Ceylon in 1802 and became a crown colony. In 1803 British invaded Kandy and took control over the whole Island.

The Colonial ruling bestowed many resources to Sri Lannka, Architectural development was vast as they built many forts in all main sea ports of the island which was later expanded by the Dutch. The Galle fort , Fort Fedric and the forts in Jaffna and Kalpitiya are remarkable. English took over the forts and further devolved during the Napoleonic War, English took over this fort and further development.

The most attractive buildings were constructed during the English period, especially in strategic locations such as Colombo , Galle & Kandy Standard city tours cover these venues in general. The grand Oriental Hotel, Queens Hotel and Mt.Lavinia Hotel still sustain the grandeur of that era.