Canoeing and Kayaking is the latest sport to hit Sri Lanka. The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is blessed with hundreds of rivers, reservoirs, ancient canals and lagoons, which you can engage in Kayaking & Canoeing. Sri Lanka’s tropical climate and central highlands combine to offer plenty of rafting adventures. Low-country lakes, lagoons and rivers also offer opportunities for canoeing and kayaking. This will allow you to explore the natural beauty of the landscapes and the people living by.

Rafting is based in the hill country and the best rivers descend from Adam’s Peak

The roaring Kelani River, which hurtles across the boulders at Kithulgala, is one of the best places for an exhilarating experience of white-water rafting.

For Jungle River canoeing there is a rewarding journey from the Sinharaja Forest Reserve to the coastal town of Kalutara. The river spills out of the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, tumbling its way down a 20km gorge.

The claim water of “Samanalawewa reservoir” which is closer to Belihuloya is ideal for people who like slow paced Kayaking.

Exploring Kalu Ganga (or Black River) . Kalu Ganga which starts from the heart of the hill country and flows down to west cost of Sri Lanka is an ideal place to start off. The trip for few hours or few days will definitely allow you to observe village life of Sri Lanka and the beautiful landscape which changers from tea plantations, rubber estates, jungles, paddy fields and finally the Gangatilaka Vihara Kaluthara. If you would like to go for more relaxing trip we would suggest a shorter trip in a reservoir like “Samanalawewa” which is closer to Belihuloya. The claim water of “Samanalawewa reservoir” is ideal for people who like slow paced Kayaking. Repeated? whole section above and paras below oh WW rafting are disjointed and needs to be pulled together