The official written History of Sri Lanka is sourced from Mahawansha, Dipawansha, Chulawansha and the Rajaveliya. These in scripts record the sinhalesese monarch from the Arrival of the Bengal Prince Vijay’s arrival. According to history Vijeya declared Anuradhapura as his capital. It is the Anuradhapura period Buddhism was brought to Sri Lanka by Mahinda Thero (Son of King Ashoka) in around 247 B.C, which is a turning point in Sri Lanka’s history . It is believed that many craftsman, artists were brought to Sri Lanka along with Mahinda Thero and Sanganitta.

By time, Anuradhapura capitial city was invaded by the ‘Cholas’ south Indian invader control over North and North Central Sri Lanka, Making Polonnaruwa their capital, King Dutugamunu fought against King Elara and regained the country from invaders.

But the real hero of Polonnaruwa is king Parakramabahu, during his ruling many irrigation systems were constructed which provides water to paddy fields to date. After Polonnaruwa official capital shifted from place to place, for various reasons, such capitals were Dhambadeniya, Yapahuwa, Kurunegala and Kandy which was the final official capital of Sinhalese monarch .

Eventually British took over Kandy also and Sri Wikramarajasinghe was succeeded by George III as monarch of British Ceylon.