Sri Lanka is the ideal honeymoon destination if you are looking for a picture-perfect island that is also full of adventure. Whether you are just honeymooning or even considering a destination wedding, this is one amazing country with a world of opportunities for newlyweds.

Whether it is relaxing on a golden sandy beach, taking a safari tour, or even going white water rafting! Whatever it is you want from your honeymoon; Sri Lanka will have something amazing to offer. The smiles of our people will not only complement the warmth of our hotels, but will also add to the personal level of luxurious service that each and every one of our guests is given.

Make sure you choose the right time of year to visit for your honeymoon.Sri Lanka has two monsoon seasons that occur at different times on different parts of the island. The western and southern parts of the island experience their monsoon season from May to September. Northern and eastern parts of the island experience monsoon season between October and January.

There are also over 20 National Parks on the island that play host to some amazing animals, all set in beautiful landscape. Honeymoon packages in Sri Lanka could be a nature resort in the mountains, beach holiday getaway, and domain of an ancient civilization. Sri Lanka is the top destination for a perfect and romantic honeymoon. Sri Lanka offers you a great variety of options with the best value for money advantage in the world. We can even arrange to have your wedding if you desire! All you need to do is to tell us your dreams and we will make it happen for you.